CYPRUS TODAY, APRIL - JUNE 2014 - page 29

Alexandros Plomaritis - Image Performance for the camera, a
collaboration with Thanasis Stathopoulos, Thessaloniki 2013
Fausto Gracia - Re Encuentro Nos, EP14, Chile 2013,
Photograph by Claudio Quiroz
casion for exchange, encounter and collaboration.
The 2
Cyprus International PerformanceArt Fes-
tival was hosted by the Visual Artists Association,
with the Screening Programme accommodated in
the House of theAssociation, the Phytorio, located
within the Municipal Garden of Nicosia. Also the
Goethe Institute offered its facilities, which are
located near the Ledra Palace checkpoint, for the
closing of the festival. All spaces and locations of
the festival were within walking distance.
CIPAF is a non-profit initiative realised through an
immense effort to establish an innovative yearly
event. The second festival became a reality upon
the continuous effort of its team, the support of the
participating artists and the generosity of its col-
laborating partners, supporters and sponsors.
The Cyprus International PerformanceArt Festival
exists under the umbrella of the Cyprus Interna-
tional Performance Art Society (CIPAS), a non-
profit organisation created for and dedicated to
PerformanceArt, based in Nicosia.
The artists
Alexandros Plomaritis (Greece)
Born in Kastoria, Greece, Alexandros Plomaritis
lives and works in Thessaloniki. He grew up on
Thassos Island, Greece. He moved to the UK to
study Theatre and English Literature at London
Metropolitan University. Later, he completed his
MADegree in Contemporary Performance Making
at Brunel University. Ιn 2007, he staged his first per-
formance at the NRLAFestival of Glasgowwith the
Leibniz LiveArt Company, whose work has deeply
influenced Plomaritis’ performances. Plomaritis has
presented a number of performances in festivals,
galleries and public spaces in London, Berlin, Ath-
ens, Glasgow, Rome, Patra andThessaloniki. His re-
search is based upon the attempt to piece together a
process which results in the creation of a final image
wrapped by data / traces of action. The choice ofma-
terials is central as much to his practice as to the im-
plementation of the action. Plomaritis also explores
issues of the current political affairs, identity and his-
tory, combined with his personal experiences.
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